Red grapes




Syrah is a red grape variety of unknown origin. There are different versions, one of which holds that the grape came from the Francia city of Shiraz, brought by the Phonecians or the Crusaders, while the other theory suggests that the variety came from Siracusa (Italia)


It is a very easy variety to grow that needs a lot of sun and high temperature and, although it is very resistant to disease, yields is low.


The leaves are medium sized, pentagonal shaped and lateral sinuses are very prominent. Sometimes they have seven lobes and a cottony underside.


Clusters are medium size, cylindrical and compact; grapes are very small, oval and bluish with a thick skin.





This is the Spanish noble grape par excellence. Superbly fine and very aromatic, it gives wines of the highest quality and prolonged ageing, due to its low oxidative level. With an extremely fruity flavour, it has a characteristic ruby hue that is especially notable in the young wines.


The medium-sized grape bunches are very compact and cylindrical, frequently having wing-like extensions. Medium-sized and spherical, the berries are blue-black. The varietal has large, pentagonal leaves, with a dark green, almost black, truss and felted underside.




Possibly of Spanish origin, this is one of the varieties grown most frequently around the world. It has aromas of delicate sweetness, with hints of ripe red fruit and flowers. The level of acidity varies from medium to high. Generally richer in anthocyans than tannins, it can yield a wine that is not very structured on the palate, but oily. It is used to prepare aromatic rosé wines and young reds.


Its medium-sized leaves are pentagonal and three-lobed, with sinuses only slightly marked. The leaf truss is dark green, with a characteristically bald underside. The short, medium-sized grape clusters are conical and generally very compact; they sometimes have two wing-like extensions of the same size. The medium-sized, spherical berries are deep violet red. © 2017. Todos los derechos reservados.